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It is of course essential to keep fully stocked first aid kits and emergency supplies on hand in any work environment, but especially so in the realm of forestry, arboriculture and other outdoor work environments, where cuts and scrapes are more common.

Among our frontline first aid kits are the Stein 1-man personal first aid kit (standard); Stein bleed control kit (medium); and the Stein basic bleed control kit (standard plus). We also stock the Blue Dot first aid kit (medium). Buy online today.

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Blankets, tourniquets, first aid tape

Our inventory of first aid supplies also includes the Blizzard EMS blanket; the SWAT-T rescue tourniquet; and other sundry items such as emergency bandages; Celox gauze; Celox haemostatic granules and Simarghu first aid tape.

We supply our first aid kits and supplies to those carrying out forestry and arboriculture activities across Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire – and beyond.

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