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Here at Tuckwell we stock a complete range of hand tools suitable for forestry, arboricultural and other applications. Customers across Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire have come to rely on our fantastic choice of hand tool products, great customer service and fast delivery.

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Cutting Edge Stallion, Trojan and Noble saw blades

Among our selection of hand tools are Oregon sharpening kits, and a range of spare/replacement blades for Cutting Edge Stallion, Trojan and Noble saws, including telescopic pole saws; straight pruning saws; and folding pruning saws.


Our inventory includes a range of top-quality shovels, including Cutting Edge Root Assassin shovels in 32″, 43″ and 48″.

Pruning Saws

Our selection of pruning saws includes the Silky Zubat curved pruning saw, in 270mm, 300mm, and 330mm lengths.

You’ll also find other hand tool essentials including the Ultra ChainMaster Sharpener, grinding wheels, filing clamps, chain grinder, grinding stones, file holders, saw chain files and much more.