Come rain or shine, we’ve got you covered when you need it.

Harvest season can be unpredictable. And while we can’t guarantee perfect weather conditions, we can help to make sure that your machine will be ready to go when you are. With extended harvest hours, a dedicated harvest support line and a fleet of standby support units at the ready, with the Tuckwell Harvest Promise, we’ll be here to back you up all the way.


In line with John Deere Harvest Promise, if essential combine parts do not arrive within 24hrs of order during the small grain harvesting season, we will provide a backup machine free of charge. This 24hr parts promise proves our commitment to the harvest period.

In addition, if you do experience lost days (due to machinery failure) we will endeavour to help catch up efforts when needed by providing support machines during the season.


We offer dedicated harvest line for all our combine and SPFH users for any escalating or out of hours issues. We’ll also provide a ‘who to call when’ document for harvest services as a safeguard and extra support for customers when required.


We hold a number of customer combine clinics over the year which includes both introductory and refresher training to suit all levels of operators. Sessions are split by model and age of machinery and include both practical and classroom training. Key areas include machine set up and operation, key maintenance tasks (to keep machines running longer) and guidance on how to make the most of the technology available on your machines.

If you’ve purchased a Combine or SPFH with us since 2015 which has undergone regular servicing and Expert Check inspections with us, your combine qualifies for this programme. Get in touch to find out more about our Harvest Promise.

*Eligible are all John Deere combines max. 7 years old, maintained in line with operator’s manual utilizing genuine parts only and EXPERT CHECK after season assessment with carried out subsequent repair work

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