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PPE For Outdoor Workers: Tree Surgery & Forestry

Stay safe on the job with our essential PPE from the world’s leading manufacturers, including Stein, John Deere, Arbortec and Cutter. Keep debris out of your eyes with safety goggles and protect your head with helmets for use on the ground or when climbing. There’s also durable gloves, boots, ear defenders and more to choose from – perfect for forestry workers and tree surgeons. Stay protected, feel confident and perform at your best.

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Eye protection PPE; safety goggles & visors

For eye protection, we stock a selection of safety goggles and UV safety glasses from John Deere – aimed at protecting the eyes from dust, grit, sparks and other debris. We also hold quality John Deere vizors in our inventory.

Head PPE; helmets & muff-visors

For the head, we stock ground helmet sets, climbing helmets and integral arborist helmets, together with muff/visor combinations.

Hands & feet PPE; Haix safety boots; Pfanner, Arbortec safety gloves

For hand protection, we have a range of durable gloves in stock, including products from Cutter, Pfanner, Arbortec and Petzl. For feet, you can choose from a range of safety boots and chainsaw boots from reputable brands like Haix.

Additionally, you can purchase ear muffs, chainsaws and first aid kits – and many other items – from our PPE stock.

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