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The agricultural industry, unfortunately, has the highest injury rate in the UK. According to the HSE, “Agriculture represents 1.2% of the British workforce but accounts for 20% of the reported work-related fatalities each year”.  Because of this; recent years have seen a dramatic increase in Agriculture specific Health & Safety programmes providing the onus on businesses to ensure their equipment is regularly checked and maintained for safe operation. Besides the risk posed to operators, the HSE reported that the average fine for H&S breaches in the UK is currently £150,000!

Don’t get caught out! Tuckwells are authorised to carry out a number of government and industry-led programs that will help you to fulfil your duty of care. What’s more, we can offer packages to manage this for you, taking the headache away.

Chemical Application

NSTS –  The Voluntary Initiative

An industry-led partnership to promote the responsible use of agricultural and horticultural pesticides. Farmers are required by law to take all reasonable precautions when using pesticides to protect the public and the environment. 

Guidance on how to comply with legislation is given in the statutory Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products, which applies to all professional users of pesticides.

Agriculture and Amenities qualify as professional users of pesticides and require testing for all Pesticide Application Equipment (PAE).

We carry out testing for all spraying, spreading and pelleting machines. Book your test today.


Trailer Testing

Tilly Your Trailer

A relatively new player in trailer safety, the Tilly Pass scheme was borne out of the loss of 19-year-old farmworker, Harry Christian-Allan in 2014. The business Harry was working for was found guilty of failing to maintain it’s road equipment and ensure the health & safety of its employees.

The Tilly Pass inspection has rapidly been adopted across the UK. The Tilly Pass inspection is an annual 18-point test carried out by certified technicians to bring your trailer in line with legal requirements under the PUWER 98 Regulations. There are also Apps available for the daily checks and are backed by most major trailer manufacturers in the UK.

Did you Know:

Tilly & NFU Mutual have joined forces. In March 2020, the NFU Mutual began meetings to establish the best way forward for owners of trailers insured with the Mutual to meet legal obligations under the HSE PUWER 98 Regs. The NFU Mutual sector lead for Farming and Agriculture ‘David Harrison’ along with the underwriters are updating the sector with details on. Tilly Trailer inspections for all Trailers, Tankers and Muck spreaders being a preferred choice.

Buying a trailer from us:

Tuckwells actively supports the Tilly Program. You can take peace of mind knowing it forms the core of our trailer Pre Delivery Inspection.

Don’t just think it’s safe, know it’s safe with a Tilly Inspection.

BAGMA BrakeSafe

Research commissioned by the HSE into the safety of Agricultural trailed vehicles revealed a significant deficit in braking efficiency among the majority of vehicles tested. The Agricultural industry recognised the test equipment and procedure utilised in this research and it became the approved brake efficiency test. 

We hold the certification and equipment required to conduct brake efficiency testing utilising the BAGMA BRAKESAFE system. Should your requirements exceed that of inspection, please speak with us regarding a calibrated and industry recognised test.

Experts have found that brake testing and making relatively low-cost improvements are extremely valuable in preventing accidents while also helping to reduce overall servicing costs.  

Loader & Lifting Equipment

Thorough Examination

A Thorough Examination is an annual inspection covering telehandlers, loaders and forklifts and is a legal requirement under the health and safety law, LOLER 98. Inspections should be carried out regularly by a CFTS-accredited technician. We provide comprehensive inspections of both lifting and driving mechanisms under both LOLER and PUWER regulatory guidelines.  

Expert Check

The Expert Check by John Deere is an in-depth technical diagnostic of all factory components of your machine and can only be carried out by Tuckwells. Expert Checks will ensure that your John Deere continues to run like a John Deere using an updated checklist to ensure that you’re utilising the most up to date sensors, electronic components and software available.

Security & Tracking

Cesar Datatag

The Cesar Datatag Scheme is the official Police CPI approved security and registration scheme for Plant and equipment in the UK.

Cesar Datatag, is a marking system that utilises state of the art identification technologies; Microscopic dots and High-Frequency transponders Identify equipment that is registered on a global database providing an invaluable aid in tracking stolen equipment, Cesar registered machines are 6 times more likely to be recovered if stolen and 4 times less likely to be stolen in the first place. Don’t take any chances, get in touch today to have a CESAR DATATAG installed by one of our fully trained engineers.

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