Tuckwells Creates Maize Maze Behind The Lindsey Rose in Hadleigh, Suffolk

Tuckwells Creates Maize Maze Behind The Lindsey Rose in Hadleigh, Suffolk

Tuckwells has been delighted to assist with the creation of a new maize maze at the Lindsey Rose pub near Hadleigh in Suffolk.  Created using a prescription map by Tuckwells Technologies expert Rhys Taylor and then precision drilled using a Vaderstad Tempo by demonstrator Ben Cave, the team are delighted to see the fantastic results of their efforts across the five-acre site.

The maze, which opens today is free to enter, with the intention of the project to highlight the importance of sustainability and environmental planning within the hospitality industry.

Charlie Buckle, owner and MD at the Nedging Estate, which is behind the attraction, said: “The Lindsey Rose is a charming Suffolk pub with a history spanning more than 500 years. We have planted the fields at the back with maize – a crop that gets harvested and is then turned into biofuel.

“We’ve teamed up with Brett Vale Farming Company, and Ben Cave and Rhys Taylor from Tuckwells – agricultural machinery dealership. We gave them the logo of The Lindsey Rose, and they’ve done an incredible job creating it in maize form, and planting a maze into the centre.”

Visitors can explore the maze, which is open from midday to 7pm, Wednesdays to Sundays, throughout the remainder of the summer holidays.

It is, said Mr Buckle, a perfect, fun, wholesome family activity, getting out into nature.

“And when young tummies rumble we have a brilliant menu at the pub, with plenty of smaller portions for children, very much focussed on seasonality, with a lot of our produce grown just two miles up the road on our estate at Nedging Hall.”

The maize will grow to approximately 6ft tall, before it is cut back in September.  It will then be turned into biofuel to run the pubs and brew Mauldens beer.

For further information on Lindsay Rose, click here.

Photographs above from Alexander Parnell Photography

Above, from left to right; Rhys Taylor from Tuckwells Technologies,  Olly Pratt from Brett Vale Farming Company, Ben Cave from Tuckwells and Matthew Watts from Nedging Estate.

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