Scatterbird Gas Powered Bird Scarer Mk4

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Designed and developed to incorporate ALL the features requested by farmers over the past 32 years!


It is a sturdy, purpose built bird scaring gas gun designed specifically to meet the needs of the farmer. The Scatterbird range has a great reputation and has been helping farmers over generations.

The newly designed bird scarer incorporates many innovative features. It includes the use of UV stabilised, impact resistant polypropylene for the casing. Another great feature is that you can control it using Bluetooth on your smartphone.

To operate the Scatterbird MK4 you will require a 12 volt battery and a cylinder of propane gas (any size of propane cylinder is suitable for use).

The Scatterbird MK4’s plated steel legs are included with the unit. They raise it off the ground and allow the full force of the “BANG” to be heard with maximum effect.

The full instruction manual is below for you to read.

Use of an optional internal 12 volt battery (not included) is recommended to keep the wiring away from vermin and prevent flood damage to the battery and wiring.


Unique pin number prevents theft and ensures it can’t be used by others
You can program the Scatterbird from the comfort of your office, and then activate at a distance in the field.
Specific day to day programming of all features tailored to your requirements
Choose start and finish times each day.
Manage up to 300 Scatterbirds with different programmes from one phone
Select/programme individual days gun on or off
Adjust the loudness of the bang for built-up areas
Control your Scatterbird MK4 from your iOS or Android device
Ergonomic carry design
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