Small Tractor, Small Spec?

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Small Tractor, Small Spec?

Traditionally small tractors had lower specification levels than their larger counterparts, John Deere’s 5R range is set to change that.

The 5R has two transmission options, the CommandQuad with 1-4 gears and the Command8 with 1-8, both in four ranges (A-D). Here, we’ll focus on the Command8 transmission which is an exceptional option for farmers looking for speed and power.

With the additional gears of the Command8, you’re able to access a wide overlap of working speeds, as you can see in the below chart.

The Command8 transmission is an intuitive, easy to use interface. From here, operators can choose to use the manual mode with bump style shifting – either in a single range or across multiple ranges, or to use the auto function akin to larger tractors, which will adjust the engine and transmission according to load.

In either function, you’ll find some great features on this machine that are designed to give you all the power and lifting capacity you need while offering the manoeuvrability and efficiency of the smaller frame. Features like the below all combine to minimise fuel consumption.

Auto Clutch seamlessly transitions you into the optimal gear for your application and can be activated with just a tap to the brake pedal.

  • PowrReverser Modulation enables you to fine tune the aggressiveness of your direction changes.
  • Start gear selection
  • Foot pedal lock is a similar function to cruise control on many cars, reducing operator fatigue.

The Command8 transmission is also compatible with CommandARM to place all your crucial controls at easy reach.

You’ll also find the electric spool valves mounted on the CommandARM for precision and selection of the flow and pressure from the comfort of the air-suspended seat.

The new suspension options also share DNA to their bigger brothers with independent front suspension similar to the 8R series and mechanical cab suspension option shared with the 6M series helps smooth out the bumps.

Given the ever increasing take rate it comes as no surprise that this range can now be ordered as AutoTrac ready. Enabling connection with existing John Deere Greenstar screens and receivers or coming straight from the factory with the latest 4240 screen and SF6000 receiver.

Included with the AutoTrac ready option the tractor is equipped with an ISOBUS harness providing connectivity to ISOBUS ready implements with the potential for section control, variable rate and documentation of various activities.

Variable ratio steering first launched on the 6230R and 6250R and now available across the 6R range, the 5R series again benefits from larger tractor tech. One flick of a button reduces the number of turns to go lock to lock, ideal for loader work in tight yards and in small fields.

When it comes to loader work the 5R comes with a whole host of features to get the most done.

  • Panorama roof
  • Sculpted chassis with integrated oil sump similar to the 7R & 8R for tight turns
  • Electric joystick control with optional reconfigurable buttons
  • Fast connect and disconnect loader booms
  • Boom lights
  • Hydraulic implement latching

Also similar to its bigger brothers these tractors come equipped with a corner post display showing all the vital information you need to keep an eye on things. And if you run a 7R, 8R or combine you’ll recognise the location.

Showing a range of information such as:

  • Stop, service, and information alerts
  • Exhaust filter cleaning indicator
  • Engine rpm (engine speed)
  • Fuel-level gauge with low-fuel warning
  • Engine temperature gauge
  • Power take-off (PTO) engaged indicator
  • Range information (F, N, R, P), transmission range and gear indicator
  • Gear and AUTO mode indication
  • Ground speed
  • Target speed (in AUTO mode)
  • Field cruise
  • Differential lock indicator
  • Mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) indicator
  • Turn signal and hazard indicators
  • High-beam indicators
  • iTEC™ Basic system indication

The corner post display is also the home for adjusting frequently controlled settings, including draft control, hitch raise height, hitch drop rate, engine settings, transmission settings, and hydraulic settings

All in all the 5R has really big spec on a small tractor.

By Sam Barton, Agricultural Sales, P Tuckwell Ltd.

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