Great British Beef Week 2021: Spotlight on Deersbrook Farm Beef & Pork

Great British Beef Week 2021: Spotlight on Deersbrook Farm Beef & Pork

It’s Great British Beef Week (23-30 April 2021), so we wanted to use our platform to showcase one of our incredible customers Deersbrook Farm Beef & Pork! Deersbrook Farm is an idyllic family farm set in the Essex Countryside producing fantastic British beef which they sell in their own butchery and farm shop that opened in December 2018! We chatted with Anna Blumfield to find out more about their beef.

What makes their Deersbrook beef stand out?
It is 100% grass-fed and all grown on our farm. We can trace every meadow that each of the herd has grazed. The rich pastures, herbs, clovers and hedgerows give a unique flavour profile to our beef. The meadows also act as huge carbon sinks, the sequestration cycle, locking carbon into the soils as the cattle graze. Whilst maintaining care and quality every step of the way. We dry age our beef to ensure flavour and succulents by maturing traditionally with Himalayan salt for at least four weeks.

What are the benefits of choosing Deersbrook beef?
Not only does our beef benefit the environment but also us, the consumers, as it is nutrient-dense as well as tasty. We send our beef for nutritional analysis to show the elevated levels of protein, iron magnesium and potassium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D too, with a good balance of omega 6:3 ratio providing ‘heart healthy’ essential fatty acids.

What cows do you breed?
We have farmed for generations but it’s over the last eight years that I have introduced the native breeds that thrive on pastures alone (Native Sussex cattle). Phil, Anna’s husband, bails 4000 hay/silage each year to maintain full control of their diets during winter months when the meadows are dormant.

We’d like to thank Anna from Deersbrook Farm Beef & Pork for taking part in our feature – visit their website to learn more and find out where to buy their delicious beef.

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