Which Bird Scarer Is The Best For You?

Which Bird Scarer Is The Best For You?

Gone are the days of the simple scarecrow to protect your crops.

As drilling begins to get underway, it’s time to refresh your bird scaring artillery. From gas powered scarers to silent kites, we’ve got a large array of equipment to keep your arable crops safe.

So what’s best for you?

All our bird scarer solutions are silent, except for the Hunter Bird Scarer which has the option to attach banger ropes.

The Terror Kit, Terror Hawk and Hanging Crow give sky orientated solutions, tackling the birds at their level, casting shadows from above as well as working in the sky.

The Cropgard and Globes are land-based solutions that use bright colours and disorientating designs to confuse and scare the bird.

 Silent bird scarers provide a less invasive and more cost efficient option compared to the expensive upkeep and loud deterrents of a gas powered gun. With silent bird scarers, you ensure bird populations remain unharmed whilst still effectively protecting your crops.

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