Expert Connect gives you the ultimate peace of mind

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Expert Connect gives you the ultimate peace of mind

There are always unknowns when it comes to Harvest. Things rarely run as smoothly as you expect it to, and while farmers have excelled at rolling with the unexpected, it’s always nice to know that you’ve got support waiting in the wings if things go wrong.

Tuckwells Technologies provide the full scope of our connected services, including guidance systems and displays, and telematics, all through our Expert Connect support line. Launched this year, our Expert Connect support line provides customers with just one central number, created to quickly give you access to a Technologies team member at any time. The service utilises all of the connected technology within the machine, allowing our team to quickly and efficiently manage your call, no matter where you are. You have unlimited access to this support line with any of our Technologies packages, but of course, anyone can use the support line for a simple one-off rate.

This harvest, as part of our connected services, we’ll also be introducing performance alerts. Similar to expert alerts, an exclusive proactive monitoring service which alerts our service team of potential component failures before they can slow you down, performance alerts focus on optimising machine settings to ensure ideal machine performance.

The impact of this service for customers during harvest is vast. While farmers and operators know the importance of optimising your combine settings for output and quality, it is often executed in varying methods throughout the season depending on a huge number of factors, such as operator experience and training, crop conditions, moisture conditions – and many more.

Will from Woburn Farms shares his experience with the performance alerts from last harvest. Based in central Bedfordshire, Will’s team manages about 1750 arable hectares, working two S-series combines. Will was notified at the beginning of the season that they would be monitoring for performance settings. Will shared that during harvest, “Aaron (Poulson) called me to notify me that potentially one of the combines was outside of its performance parameters. He took me through what they were, which was to do with sample quality. . . I was able to speak to the driver over the phone and he was able to make some adjustments.”

Overall, the call took less than half an hour, but the changes brought both combines back in line to expected outputs and improved the sample quality.  When asked about the product, Will said “it’s all positive. The team are excellent and they’re just at the end of the phone.” And about the product, “it’s another way they support the farmer, and we certainly don’t feel like we’re on our own when we’re out there and setting everything up.”

Performance alerts come as standard with an S series combine and it is an invaluable service during harvest and throughout the year. Remove the unknown costs of down-time, poor grain quality and output and make the most of your data.

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Additionally, customers who have purchased a combine and SPFH with us within the last 7 years are also eligible for our Harvest Promise. The Tuckwells Harvest Promise also includes a dedicated harvest line for escalating or out of hours issues, additional training sessions, and guaranteed back-up machine if essential parts do not arrive within 24-hours.

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