Terror Kite & Terror Hawk Silent Bird Scaring Kites

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Manufacturer: Portek

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Both kites in one convenient pack…

Quiet and extremely effective, the Terror Kite and Terror Hawk are always on patrol even in the lightest breeze.

  • The Terror Hawk mimics the movement of a natural predator hovering over the crops, keeping the birds away.
  • The Terror Kite disorientates the birds with its constant movement as it moves as it swoops, dives and climbs .
  • Both feature reflective eyes, predator colours which are proven to scare the birds.

… switch and choose for optimum effect!

Two great bird scaring kites from Portek, each with their own flight characteristics. Both fly in the lightest of breezes. Research has proved that frequent changes in methods and types of birdscarers is the most effective way to keep birds off valuable crops. The constantly moving Terror Kite when alternated with the hovering Terror Hawk provide just this solution.

A great team to keep the birds guessing from Portek; the market leaders in bird scaring for over 30 years.

  • For agricultural and horticultural use
  • Reflective holographic flashing effects
  • Nature’s warning colours
  • Constant movements

Pack Contents

  • Terror Kite x1
  • Terror Hawk x1
  • 7m Telescopic Pole
  • Strong Line & Swivels
  • Groundstake
  • Support Disc
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