Martin Lishman Trouble Dry Standard Fan 120w

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Martin Lishman Agricultural Cooling Fans have been the number 1 choice for farmers for the past 45 years. Our Green Agricultural Cooling Fans are the fastest most energy efficient low volume grain cooling fans on the market.

You can create energy-saving low-cost crop storage using Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans. Gives the fastest crop cooling system and effective ambient air grain drying.

High-pressure Pile-Dry fans and high airflow crop ventilation pedestals cool and dry crops faster and more energy efficiently. Preserve crop quality in all sizes of store and all bulk stored crops.

Pile-Dry Fans will cool, dry, and condition, long or short term in bulk stores, bins, and silos. They have been used with all bulk stored crops – cereals, rape, rice, beans, peas, potatoes, wood chips, and many more.

Why choose a Martin Lishman Cooling Fan?

  • Energy efficient IE3 motor on 3 phase models (as required by regulations)
  • Hard-wearing aluminium body with carry handles
  • Easy-access assembly for cleaning and maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation

Trouble Dry Spear and FTDEB or FTDS Fan

  • The Trouble Dry aeration spear can cool up to 15 tonnes of grain in a 3m square (TDS) or 35 tonnes in an area 5m square (TDEB)

1ph, 130W

10cm (4″) inlet, square outlet , steel body

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