Martin Lishman Trouble Dry Standard Spear and Fan

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Trouble-Dry hot spot aeration spears and fans have an important part to play in a professional crop storage system. Hot grain quickly deteriorates and can heat up without warning; cool grain keeps safely.

Trouble-Dry aeration spears and fans are a simple solution to the common problem of hot spots in stored crops. They are ideal for cooling small quantities of grain, urgent spot drying and controlling unexpected insect infestations.

Trouble-Dry aeration spears and fans cure the problem before it gets serious – simply screw the spear into the hot spot and suck the heat out.

Efficient economic fan

Cools up to 15 tons of grain in an area 3m square (9m2)

Cures hot spots in 24 hours (depending on ambient temperature)

Includes Standard single phase fan

All Trouble-Dry Spears are supplied with an extra-long single piece handle which makes it easier to screw the spear into hot grain

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