Operations Centre adds a company a week

John Deere
Operations Centre adds a company a week

Today’s farmers and contractors have to manage a large amount of data. With the cloud-based John Deere Operations Centre, not only can documentation and John Deere machine data be exchanged, but also data from external applications such as field maps and weather stations or from competitive equipment. Additional functions can also be easily integrated into the Operations Centre, just like using an app store.

Farmers prefer to manage their farm and machine data using as few different software solutions and web portals as possible – they want an overview of all their information and direct access to their files. As a cloud-based platform, the John Deere Operations Centre is ideally suited for this purpose. With the MyOperations app, users can view, manage and analyse all their operations from any location. In addition, both the Operations Centre and the MyOperations app are free of charge.

At the same time, the range of applications that can be used are continually increasing in number. With the recent launch of DataConnect, for example, machine data from other manufacturers can also be transferred cloud-to-cloud. Agronomic data is available on a larger scale as well, since more and more providers of software solutions, field maps, weather stations etc are connecting to the John Deere Operations Centre.

Currently 168 external partners and their solutions are connected and within the last 12 months, on average one company has been added every week. This gives customers access to the largest digital ecosystem in the agricultural industry. All the solutions offered and countries represented by these connected companies are listed in the Operations Centre under the heading ‘More Tools’ and users can easily access this from their account.

In order to continue these advances, John Deere has recently hosted its second developer conference in Europe. With 121 companies attending from the agricultural sector, this event saw an increase of 83 on the previous year. John Deere sales partners were also present to learn about the digital solutions and customer service processes of the participating companies.

As the Operations Centre network continues to expand, an open ecosystem is growing that can be used by farmers and contractors across different manufacturers. Customers can decide for themselves whether, and with which of the connected companies, they wish to share their information from the Operations Centre. Data ownership and management of access rights are controlled by the customer and require the individual’s express permission.

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