My 2020 Updates for the S700 series combines

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My 2020 Updates for the S700 series combines

From 2020, new John Deere S700 series combines will see some marked improvements coming into play, providing users with better automation performance, better residue placement and more accuracy in data management.

Updates like the new Dyna-flo Plus cleaning shoe. From the outside you may notice little change, but this new system provides 15 percent increased cleaning capacity for better separation and a cleaner grain.

Clearly, cleaner grains mean better profits and you can find out more about the new Dyna-flo Plus cleaning system here:

But here, I’d like to run through some of the other changes to the S700 series. Probably the most marked changes are to the heart and brain of the combine with the addition of features such as the Automated combine (ICA2), the new look joystick, and the active yield.

Automated combine (ICA2)

This is an intelligent system that uses cameras and sensors to reduce the minute by minute stresses for the operator. By monitoring the clean grain and tailings, the system can make adjustments continuously throughout the day to ensure efficiency and productivity are at a maximum. This can be programmed specifically to the needs of the particular crop or environment. This system is able to change the speed of the combine, change the fan, change the sieve settings and rotor speeds all on the move. This gives the operator more chance to concentrate on crop flow into the header.

New control centre and new look joystick

This exciting new feature gives you the ability to completely personalise your driving experience with the new look ergonomic hydro-handle. Sporting 7 programmable buttons on the handle, you now have quick access to the most used functions of the combine at the press of a button. This ensures that the operator need not let go of the handle for any task and can be completely customised to personal preference. The new 4600 10inch touchscreen display is super user friendly and uses JDLink to allow easy and secure data transfers directly to the operations centre on MyJohnDeere. This allows you to remotely monitor combine performance and wirelessly link setup work plans from office to field. Also, with 4 camera inputs on the screen, you can visualize all the important areas of the machine.

Active Yield

Active Yield is an automated system using 3 sensors in the grain tank to weigh the grain realtime. The system calculates, at exceptional accuracy, the live yield data and compares  to moisture sensors. This reduces the need for manual processes like filling and weighing trailers, allowing the harvest to flow uninterrupted. A complete ground-breaker for those with limited access to a weighbridge.

With these new updates, the new S790 combine represents a huge leap forward in technology and communications. The instant access to information, paired with real-time analysis, precise planning and accurate yield mapping data, these new features will go a long way in reducing the margins for operator error and minimising costs to farmers.

By Scott Kirbyshire, Demonstrator, P Tuckwell Ltd.

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