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Huge advances in technology are offering enormous opportunities to increase productivity, reduce cost and improve soil/ plant health. However, Navigating the expanse of equipment, software and data-driven tools can be a daunting experience, even for the pioneers.

Every business requires a different approach, and it is our aim to support our customers to achieve what they need with the technologies and products available to the industry.

Our team of dedicated specialists are available to work with you on designing a solution to suit your business, they have extensive experience with both mainstream and fully bespoke systems giving the confidence you need when investing in a Tuckwell Precision solution.

Our Precision solutions encompass all aspects of agricultural and groundscare including:

  • GPS positioning
  • Variable application rate control.
  • Application, Field & yield mapping
  • Precision positioning
  • Autonomous machinery
  • DataConnect (integrated systems through bridges with other manufacturing brands)
  • Connected support systems – Optimisation, Utilisation, diagnostic and reporting (See also Service+ Tech)
  • Logistics management
  • Data Management
  • Informed decision making
  • Waste reduction

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