Classic 1964 4020 restoration project returned to customer

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Classic 1964 4020 restoration project returned to customer

An original 1964 4020 John Deere tractor has been returned to a customer after its long restoration journey came to completion.

Gordon Goodwin, a local farmer, imported this classic from Canada and has been using it on his farm in Essex.

The vehicle was diagnosed and rebuilt after Tuckwells technicians identified that the engine needed rebuilding. Once the 4020 had been rebuilt, the team hydraulically rested it and sent it back to Gordon.

Joe, the Tuckwells technician in charge of the restoration project, has a passion for classic machinery. Joe stripped the transmission down due to the PTO which wouldn’t stop running, even when disengaged. After he stripped the transmission down, Joe then split the transmission from hydraulic housing and removed the hydraulic top, after which he removed the power shift unit out and sent the transmission housing away to be machined out. Once the transmission housing had been lined and bushed so that the break piston would work, Joe could then reassemble the tractor before sending it back to Ardleigh where the final panels were reattached.

With 59 years between our latest 2023 models and this 1964 classic, we’re proud to see the evolution of our engineering and how well it has stood the test of time. John Deere’s 2023 models use a similar power shift transition as the 1964 4020 which features an 8 speed, which is comparatively small to the new 32 speed transitions of our latest models.

The Dain All-Wheel Drive was the first tractor produced by John Deere in 1911, a pioneering piece of kit in the farming industry at the time. Farmers soon transitioned from horse-pulled tools to their mechanical counterparts in the early to mid-1900’s as manufacturers stopped producing horse-drawn equipment.

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