Wilkinson Sword Ratchet Loppers

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Manufacturer: Wilkinson Sword

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Ratchet loppers provide greater leverage for easier cutting of harder, more mature branches. The longer handles provide greater leverage and combined with a three-step ratchet mechanism, reduces the effort across the entire cutting process. Open the handles to full width to engage the ratchet and then gradually cut the branch rather than trying to cut though in one go.

  High quality carbon steel blade
• Non-stick coated blade provides a smooth, clean finish
• Ratchet mechanism takes the effort out of cutting with easy short stages – perfect for thicker, harder wood
• 35mm cutting capacity
• 77cm length provides greater leverage when cutting through thick, woody branches
• Lightweight aluminium handles with soft touch grips

Product code: 1111336W
EAN Number: 5 05081 004329
Weight: 1.28kg
Overall length: 770mm
Tool head width: 65mm
Blade length: 100mm
Cutting diameter: 35mm
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