John Deere Hygard

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Protect your hydraulics and transmissions with the best oil for both: Hy-Gard. It not only meets John Deere equipment standards, it exceeds them. And Hy-Gard oil is a sophisticated Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO). So it’s easy for you to choose the right oil for your agricultural and turf equipment.

This top-of-the-line lubricant provides smooth performance under a wide range of operating conditions for:

  • Transmissions and differential units with immersed “wet” brakes
  • Gearboxes with hydraulic brakes
  • Gearboxes with hydraulic derived systems
  • Hydraulic transmissions


  • JDM J20C (regular)/JDM J20D (low viscosity) – minimum specs
  • RES 10060 for John Deere factory and aftermarket standards


  • Superior high temperature performance helps ensure fewer deposits and a longer life
  • Controls moisture build-up, oxidation and deposit formations due to heat
  • Prolongs clutch life
  • Recommended for equipment with common reservoirs or separate transmission and hydraulic systems, including those with wet brakes and clutches
  • Performance exceeds the above specifications.
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