John Deere Cool-Gard II

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Cool-Gard II is the coolant that is designed to extend the life of your engine.

This remarkable coolant protects against corrosion, cavitation and deposits under the harshest conditions. And to make sure John Deere develops the best coolant to protect against these conditions, we’ve put Cool-Gard II through very aggressive high thermal load tests. We compared how Cool-Gard II protects common cooling system metals under these extreme conditions with how other coolants protect under the same conditions. The proven advanced oxidation stability provides long-lasting protection against heat. So you’ll spend more time in the field turning profits and less time worrying about maintenance expenses.


  • Up to 6-year/6,000-hour service life
  • Optimized maintenance costs thru longer service intervals
  • Fully formulated, ready-to-use solution for long-life stability and performance
  • Protection against corrosion and deposits
  • Cavitation control for a longer liner life and more.
  • Efficient water pump performance.
  • Reliable freeze-point protection until -37°C

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